Home Modifications for Seniors

A New Year brings new resolutions! And while many people focus on changing their diet or increasing their exercise routine, seniors can benefit from changes made inside their own homes.

For many seniors, remaining in their home is incredibly significant. It allows for more independence and choice; however, without adaptations to the home it may become too difficult or unsafe to stay. Thinking of preventative measures before the home becomes too unsafe is critical to adapting to one’s fluctuating abilities as the aging process occurs. Below are some small but effective ways to update a home:

Install Grab Bars: A simple and cost effective solution, grab bars allow seniors to bathe safely and independently. Install grab bars in the bathroom to help solve the issue of declining mobility.

Adjust Countertops and Cabinets: Put the step stool away! While this is a larger renovation, it pales in comparison to paying for assisted living. Organize items in the kitchen to easily locate and access them. Keep heavier objects at hip height to prevent straining to lift or reaching and dropping them.

Install Slip-Resistant Flooring: Falling is a major issue for seniors living independently.  Create a safer living space by replacing that slippery laminate kitchen floor. A less costly alternative could be placing slip-resistant mats through common walkways.

Install Telephones:  Phone system access is very important. This allows seniors to call for help if necessary and also prevents rushing to another room to answer a call.

Install Lighting: Increase overhead lighting to ensure adequate sight and navigation through surroundings.

These modifications are several of the many ways to begin planning for aging in-place at home.  Even minor adjustments serve to ease the burden on future caregivers and family members who might worry about their loved one living alone.  Additionally, please visit our previous blog, “Aging in Place,” for an even more in-depth discussion about the benefits of planning ahead.

All of us at LTS wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!


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