The origins of Long Term Solutions started in 1999, literally from the ground up — in Anne Harrington’s and Noreen Guanci’s respective basements. They were both working diligently as healthcare executives and raising their families. Two registered nurses with advanced degrees in business and public health, they recognized the growing need for compassionate, comprehensive long-term care support to families facing elder care decisions for their loved ones. “After working together as nurses and then as executives in the healthcare industry for several years, Anne & I both knew that one day we would love to start a business together. We saw an opportunity in the Long Term Care Insurance industry, and the rest is history”, states Ms. Guanci, Co-Founder and CEO of Long Term Solutions. LTS is now entering its 16th year in business. “We are thrilled to be able to have such a positive impact on directly improving the lives of our seniors,” according to Ms. Harrington, “LTS’ success can be attributed to our loyal partners as well as to our dedicated team of compassionate nurses, social workers, and professional support staff.” Anne and Noreen have continued to increase the company’s network of partners and collaborators across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Noreen Guanci

Noreen Guanci

Anne Harrington

Anne Harrington


Our Mission

Long Term Solutions was founded on three pillars: We care, we deliver, we commit. With our passionate team of professionals, we deliver extraordinary care solutions to our clients and partners to improve the quality of life and achieve peace of mind for all we serve.


Care + Customer Service + Commitment

LTS focuses on three major principles that have helped them become an industry leader. They include a focus on extraordinary care for all clients that they serve; a focus on outstanding customer service for their partners; and a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for accuracy, speed and cost-saving efficiency.


Frequent speakers on the topic of long-term care, Anne and Noreen are recognized as thought leaders and industry trail blazers.




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