Community Outreach: Long Term Solutions Gives Back

At Long Term Solutions, our mission includes partnering with families of seniors to create long-lasting solutions for them in their everyday lives.  Everyday our team of trained nurses, care coordinators and client service representatives strive to incorporate this mission, along with our vision of compassionate care, into the services that we provide.

We believe that a successful business starts with passionate people doing good and giving back to our local community. We strive to exemplify these fundamentals of success through various means. Our Community Outreach Program partners with our local community to support our passion to serve others, as well as to make a difference on a larger scale.

Below are examples of Long Term Solutions’ commitment to spreading our vision and values as a company.

  2015-2016 Community Outreach Initiatives

Summer Food Drive for the Natick Service Council; June-August 2015

food drive

Occurring in the early fall, this annual initiative enables our team to support disadvantaged families in our local community. The Community Outreach Committee members contact the Natick Food Pantry to receive a list of the most-needed supplies.  All LTS staff is encouraged to donate. In total, LTS staff hand-delivered over 150 items to the Natick Food Pantry during last year’s drive.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; August 2015


In August 2015, LTS participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge served to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig ’s disease, not only by pouring buckets of water on ourselves, but through donations to the ALS Association. We plan on expanding this tradition in the forthcoming years to raise further awareness of ALS with the hope of finding a cure.

Greater Boston Walk to End Alzheimer’s; September 2015


LTS has participated in the annual Greater Boston Walk to End Alzheimer’s, one of the largest Alzheimer’s Walks in the country, since 2011.  Employees participate as a way to honor loved ones they have lost to the disease, as well as to bring awareness and to raise funds for this condition that affects many members of LTS’ client base.

Natick Community-Senior Center volunteering; December 2015


Every year LTS staff members eagerly anticipate volunteering at the Natick Community-Senior Center during the holidays. This past holiday season employees helped to prepare for the Annual Holiday Dinner mainly by preparing the room for the event, organizing supplies and distributing place settings. Volunteering with the NC-SC enables LTS to exemplify its commitment to the Senior Community and to bring joy into Seniors’ lives during the holidays. The NC-SC welcomes LTS’ assistance each holiday season.

Adult Coloring Book collection for the Natick Community-Senior Center; April 2016


As discussed in previous blog posts, it is important for seniors to stay mentally active and challenged. During a recent meeting, the Community Outreach Committee decided to reach out to the Natick Community Senior Center for requests of activity style books for the seniors. Many of the seniors requested adult coloring books, as it has been found to be helpful with motor skills and cognition. The Committee encouraged LTS staff members to donate coloring books and utensils for our friends at the Senior Center.

Lorraine McNally, a representative at the Natick Community-Senior Center voiced her reaction to the donation in a statement,

“Thanks so much for doing this for us.  We really appreciate the support and donation,and I know our seniors, who have been asking for the books, will be very appreciative!“

With our efforts to spread our vision and values, the Long Term Solutions team hopes to inspire those who can make a difference, even in a small way, to try and do so!

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