A compassionate and evidence-based solution for employers and working caregivers.

Our signature WeCare+ service provides you and your caregiver employees the comprehensive support needed to navigate the complex process of home health care management to increase the working caregiver’s work/life balance. This not only improves the care their loved ones receive, but it also helps our employer partners retain valuable and productive employees.

We have the expertise to create programs that will support your needs. WeCare+ is available in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada, so no matter where your employees are, you will have peace of mind knowing you are supporting them and  their family’s care needs.


Components of WeCare+

For Employers and Working Caregivers Assessment

Comprehensive in-home needs and safety assessment service conducted by an experienced clinician.

Home Health Care Coordination

Communication by our clinician, experienced and specialized in geriatric care, with the employee to ensure that the plan of care continues to meet the family member’s needs.

Plan of Care

Development of an individualized plan of care based on the initial patient assessment.

Provider Referrals

List of qualified local Care Providers and resources from
the LTS Select Provider Network to meet your employees’ needs.

Access to WeSearch+

Assisted Living Placement

A complimentary assisted living placement service to place seniors in the appropriate assisted living facility to match the family’s preferences.

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