Using Technology to Connect with Seniors

As the use of daily technology steadily increases, we at LTS have multiple suggestions for connecting with your aging loved ones and utilizing tools that might be unfamiliar to them. Below you will find myriad ways to incorporate technology into your daily routine or visit.

Start with a simple phone call– Plan a time to have a check in phone call with your loved one. Many seniors are intimidated by answering the phone due to a decreased ability to hear or understand the person on the other end.  You can help to alleviate this problem by updating their phone as a gift, increasing visibility with larger buttons, and adding caller id. These features will allow them to embrace technology on an everyday level.

Interactive Games– Moderate video game playing can transcend generations and create long lasting memories. seniors-techTeaching a new skill, such as how to play the game, engages both parties to connect and learn together.  As an activity that requires little physical engagement, playing an appropriate video game is a simple way to stimulate the mind without aggravating any physical challenges.

Watch an old movie– Create new memories while viewing old ones.  Show interest by asking which   movies or television shows they remember.  Watching familiar movies and shows sparks memories while increasing cognitive functionality. Share the experience multiple times as you enjoy watching grandma’s favorite video of Shirley Temple dancing. You never know, they could become your favorite as well!

Face time– This iPhone technology has allowed families to connect across many distances and boundaries.  Seeing loved ones faces can bring so much joy to one who has recently relocated from their home to an assisted living facility. The familiarity and sense of connection will allow the transition to be embraced, decreasing stress and anxiety.


For more information, read our blog post “Great Apps for Seniors” to learn about how apps facilitate medication management, plan appointments and connect with your loved ones.


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