Tips for Socializing in Assisted Living

The process of moving to a new place is a hard transition for anyone. For many seniors, navigating the emotions of leaving home and starting fresh with a group of strangers can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to assist seniors with socializing in their new communities.


Reach out– Remaining open minded and friendly is a huge tool for connecting with others. Introduce yourself to those who are enjoying activities in common areas.  Sit with others during meal time. Making an effort can go a long way in initial stages of friendship and camaraderie.


Explore your new surroundings– Take a walk around the facility; inside and out. If you prefer the outdoors, finding a group of people in the garden might be a good fit. Alternatively, if you enjoy indoor activities such as knitting or playing card games, make your presence known by sharing your interests with others who are engaging in like-minded activities.


Learn something new– Perhaps you are ready for a change in hobbies.  Connect with a group that is also learning something for the first time. Many retirement homes and assisted living communities offer adult education classes.  Learning something new with a group of unfamiliar people levels the playing field and encourages connection through experience.


Confidence– Likely the most important aspect of creating a new social circle, remaining confident is crucial. People are naturally attracted to individuals who are smiling, happy and open. Although the transition may be incredibly difficult, making friends and avoiding isolation ensures the community you build within your new residence will comfort you for years to come.

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