Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors


Spring is right around the corner, so open the windows and embrace the warm, fresh air! As the warmer weather approaches, many families partake in the ritual of spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning is a great way to start the new season with a renewed zest for life. Here are a few tips to ensure that the spring cleaning process is safe and enjoyable for seniors and their caregivers.

Make a Plan:  Pick a starting point and create a check list to increase productivity and focus. To-do lists are a great way to track your progress and create a sense of accomplishment. Assigning manageable tasks to aging seniors will allow them to feel important while also making sure they are safe.

Preserve What Is Important: For seniors,  cleaning often equates  to disposing significant memories. Allow them to express this sentiment while encouraging alternative ways of holding on. Stacks of disorganized photos or books? Transfer them to clearly labelled boxes or digitize them so they can be stored on a computer for easy viewing. Piles of blankets or clothes that have been a part of their home for ages? Inspect items for cleanliness, quality, and usability. Rationalizing the items to retain, and those to discard, helps to empower senior decision-makers.

Involve Family: Not sure how to digitize old photos? Ask grandchildren to participate. Younger children can dust away while teens can help carry heavy boxes. After a hard day of work, enjoy each other’s company by sharing a meal and talking about the rediscovered memories.


A clean, clutter free home is a safe haven for seniors. In addition, maintaining this environment is a huge relief to their caregivers and other family members. As spring approaches, we hope your spring cleaning leaves you feeling revitalized and reaffirmed that your life is full, even if your closets are not.

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