Seasonal Illness Prevention

If you help to care for your aging parents or loved ones, then in all likelihood you know the importance of taking preventative measures against seasonal illnesses.

With the colder weather approaching, now is the time to ensure the health of your aging loved ones through the winter season. Below, you can find some helpful tips.


  1. Make sure your loved one takes essential vitamins such as Vitamin C and stays hydrated throughout the day. This boosts immunity while simultaneously clearing out toxins and other bacteria in the system.
  2. Periodic hand-washing is imperative to avoid contracting a cold or flu. Transmission of infections most commonly occurs via contact after sneezing or coughing. Diligent hand washing, as well as disinfecting of surfaces in the home, should be completed throughout the day.
  3. Enjoy the changing weather, but be sure to dress your loved one properly. The gorgeous views of fall descending upon us are much better appreciated with a warm coat, scarf or mittens. Follow any burst of exercise with proper rest and relaxation. Allowing our bodies to recharge assists in easing muscle tension and maintaining a strong immune system.
  4. Maintaining a healthy body primarily involves proper nutrition. Visit our blog about grocery shopping with seniors for more tips and advice on how to ensure your loved one is receiving the best nutrition the grocer has to offer.
  5. Plan a visit to the doctor’s office. Starting the season with a clean bill of health can help reduce stress for your loved one.  A trip to the doctor may shed light on any potential risk of sickness and help provide more information regarding certain types of illnesses that may not be on your radar.

As a caregiver it is important that you maintain your own health as well. These tips don’t just apply to our senior loved ones. Ensure your entire family follows these simple guidelines to assure a healthy start to the colder months.


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