Preparing Elderly Loved Ones and Neighbors for a Winter Storm

Being a New England based company, we here at Long Term Solutions are all too familiar with the harsh weather conditions that winter storms bring. Preparing for the extreme cold, the possibility of long power outages and stocking up on essentials are critical provisions for when the storm hits. Coordinating care for seniors is incredibly important to maintain their safety and comfort. Below are a few key points of care to consider when preparing for the unpredictable winter weather.


Food: Stock up on waters, bread and other nutritious options that well remain fresh without refrigeration. Non-perishable items are critical in the event of a long term power outage. Keep in mind the items might be difficult for a senior to access or open so plan ahead. Place items in one area, close to where the senior occupies most. If twist tops on waters are an issue, open the caps and keep straws accessible.


Medications: There is no way to know how long a senior will have to be alone during a storm. One day can turn into a many very easily as roads become icy and hard to navigate while plows operate. Ensure they have the adequate amount of medications necessary for an extended amount of time. However, do not leave copious amounts of pills accessible. Separate daily dosages and perhaps even create a log or system that works for them to track when each pill should and has been taken. Again, keep medications in a place where they frequent often as to not forget where they are kept.


Maintaining Body Heat: Keep plenty of blankets, socks, slippers and other warm items around for easy access. Make sure the heat is on before you depart and is on a schedule that maintains the constant temperature throughout the day. Advise them to perform simple exercises. Read more about daily exercise tips for the elderly here.


Lastly, establish a plan of communication and check-ins. If you cannot physically visit and check on the well being of your loved one or neighbor, make sure they can be reached by phone or through email. Put a list of important safety contacts next to the phone and if your loved one lives far away, let their neighbors know that they will be alone during the storm.


Your preparation for extreme winter weather could make all the difference to the welfare of your family or neighbor. We hope these tips help everyone to maintain a safe and stress free winter season.

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