Making Memories out of Moments

In this month’s blog, we want to take the opportunity to remind our readers how important it is to savor and enjoy the little moments in life. We have discussed the importance of mindfulness before, but we realize how easily caregivers can forget to cherish those small, intimate moments in their hectic lives. A family caregiver provides personal care, along with emotional and perhaps financial support for their elderly loved one. For many caregivers, or loved ones of caregivers, days can be frustrating, thankless and exhausting. Every-day caretaking leads to sacrificing one’s own needs. It’s completely normal to feel as though it’s a never ending cycle. Eventually though, the daily routine will change due to the loss of a loved one. Experiences that, at one time, were perhaps thought to be irritating, become cherished memories that are fondly recalled.



Exercise patience and gratitude as you work through the more painful days, and relief when a day goes smoothly. In fatiguing moments, remind yourself that caretaking is an act of unconditional love. Use the power of positivity. Hopefully, through salvaging a memory from an incredibly difficult time, a sense of peace can be established during the caregiving process.

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