LTS Celebrates National Family Caregivers Month

In honor of National Family Caregivers Month, we are dedicating our November post to recognizing our continued support and respect for those who devote their lives to providing care and managing the health of their loved ones.  Bringing awareness to the more than 43.5 million unpaid Americans currently serving as caregivers [1] is crucial to develop an understanding of the challenges families face every day.


In his recent speech regarding this national issue, President Obama reiterated the importance of taking care of one another stating, “Our Nation was founded on the fundamental ideal that we all do better when we look out for one another, and every day, millions of Americans from every walk of life balance their own needs with those of their loved ones as caregivers.”[2] Becoming a caregiver is often unexpected and is a choice that many make to maintain their families’ health and wellness. This selfless act often affects other aspects of the caregiver’s life, such as raising children, climbing the corporate ladder or one’s own health.  Here at Long Term Solutions, we are working to provide a community of caregivers to facilitate the process of adapting to the unpredictable lifestyle of a caregiver.

In the past, we have covered a myriad of topics on the subject. Below are some articles that we encourage our readers to check out:

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We hope that these articles can help individuals who are struggling, and that they can find solace in the information, the empathy and the solutions provided.

We celebrate those who choose to devote part of their lives to caregiving for a family member, friend or neighbor.  By raising awareness of the struggles faced and increasing the support for family caregivers, we strive to ensure that our world will be a better place. Educate yourself about the trials and tribulations of caregiving. It is an important topic that you are likely to encounter in your lifetime. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, remember to express your gratitude and appreciation to any caregivers in your life.



For More Information about Caregiving and how Long Term Solutions can help please visit:

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