Indoor Activities for Seniors

As temperatures climb, finding fun, engaging indoor activities can be challenging. Studies have shown that stimulation activities are crucial for mental, physical and emotional health. To maintain a high quality of life, seek out new or familiar hobbies while remaining in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, performing activities is a great way for seniors to pass the time independently.  Intentionally seek activities that stimulate seniors’ cognitive and fine motor skills, rather than banal activities such as watching television.  During the time your loved one enjoys their pursuit, take some time for yourself to tidy up the house, prepare a meal or relax!

Indoor activity ideas include:

  • Select your favorite album to listen to and take out some watercolors for a relaxing cathartic release
  • One player card games such as solitaire to encourage fast thinking, or matching card games to stimulate memory
  • Arm Chair exercises to increase blood flow and strength
  • Knitting to calm anxiety while keeping both the hands busy and the mind focused



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