Great Apps for Seniors

Have you recently laughed after getting a text from an elderly parent? Or maybe
you saw a friend request on Facebook from your mother? Increasingly, the elderly
are growing tech savvy, using smartphones and iPads. In fact, in a recent study,
99 senior citizens used the ALICE app, which helps patients manage medications.
According to the study, “The ALICE app helps reduce rates of forgetting and of
medication errors, and increases perceived independence in managing medication.
Elderly patients with no previous experience with information and communication
technologies are capable of effectively using an app designed to help them take
their medicine more safely.” As technology and the use of apps in our everyday lives
increases, so grows the ability of seniors to use apps to assist in their daily lives.
They can use them to manage medication, communicate and stay in touch with
family and friends, for entertainment, and to increase health, among many things.
Here is a great list from My Ageing Parent of the best apps for the elderly. Let us
know how they work out!

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